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43152/AL - RNAAT 96/2018


The project Monte da Fonte Santa is always in construction. From the imagination of the family Tátá a dream is taking shape. A typical Alentejo farm with a personal touch made of Art. In the interior of the Monte we have works by the artists Victor Rosa, Paramés and Felicia Trales. In the exterior we have VHILS, Bordalo II  and Add Fuel works. 

The works of VHILS and Bordalo II were placed outside the property so that everyone can enjoy them. It is not common to find this form of artistic expression in a rural inland municipality of Alentejo. Monte da Fonte Santa is a unique project that wants to conciliate the Cultural Identity of Alentejo with the World of today.


The artist Alexandre Farto (VHILS) made one of his spectacular murals in Monte da Fonte Santa.

We can see a 27 meter mural with two faces of old women from Alentejo. This means to reflect the hard work of generations in our farm and in the Alentejo.


The Artist Artur Bordalo (Bordalo II) built in Monte da Fonte Santa one of his spectacular works in garbage.

The Big Trash Snail serves to remind us that Man is destroying other species and the planet with pollution.


‘Erosion (noun) the process by which a surface is gradually damaged by natural elements and begins to disappear.’
Filled with mysticism and mistery, the beautiful region of Alentejo is one of the most arid locations of Portugal, where climate changes the scenery from dry earth tones to vivid green vegetation. This was the premise to create the paradox of EROSÃO; a glazed ceramic panel does not fade with time and will always be vivid throughout the different seasons.


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Artist and Professor in Alandroal masters various forms of Art. One of is master pieces are the painted stones in slate which are also a call for the preservation of the architectural heritage of Alentejo.


This painter lives in love with the Alentejo countryside. His works are odes to the colors of spring.


This painter uses colored backgrounds from which figures appear  sometimes animals. His compositions are a sea of color.

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